Schneider Electric Introduces Easy UPS 24V DC DIN Rail Industrial UPS

New research helps IT and OT leaders address connected operations
Designed for easy integration into industrial control equipment, easy installation and servicing
Industrial UPS accommodates a wide range of temperatures up to 50°C (122°F) ensuring power reliability and minimizing downtime

2022-07-22 10:34 출처: Schneider Electric

Paris--(뉴스와이어) 2022년 07월 22일 -- Schneider Electric™, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, introduces the new 24V DC Easy UPS. Created for commercial and industrial environments where power disruption risks productivity, the new Easy-UPS minimizes downtime and protects equipment resulting in reduced machine maintenance, and improved control over industrial infrastructure. Designed with OEMs and system integrators in mind, Schneider Electric’s new 24V DC Power industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is available globally today.

“When considering power protection and battery backup in commercial and industrial applications, operators need to focus on power reliability and consider the high cost of downtime,” said Vincenzo Salmeri, VP, Commercial and Industrial, Secure Power Division at Schneider Electric. “When power isn’t controlled, it can lead to a host of issues including data loss and the need to restart automation machines from scratch after outages. Schneider Electric’s Easy-UPS helps operators in commercial and industrial environments gain control with remote monitoring and management to fully protect their investment.”

Key benefits of the Easy-UPS include:

·Minimize downtime and protect equipment: Battery backup to ensure uptime of controllers and HMIs and minimize equipment damage due to poor power quality

·Reduce machine maintenance: Save data and programs with equipment shutdown using 0-5V signals from the relay contacts and eliminate the need to restart automation machines after power outages

·Scalable runtime: Add up to four additional battery packs for additional runtime during extended power outages

·Better control over industrial infrastructure Manage and diagnose UPS with relay contacts, and check UPS status with LED indicators

Easy-UPS industrial UPS available globally in 2022

The new Easy-UPS will be available globally starting in early 2022 for purchase directly from Schneider Electric or the electrical and industrial channels. To learn more about Schneider Electric’s new UPS, visit this web page.

New Research Highlights Strategies for Successful Connected Operations

In addition, Schneider Electric shared findings from a newly released IDC White Paper entitled, Succeeding at Digital First Connected Operations, which discusses the role of edge computing in enabling the shift to a digital-first world. The white paper details responses from over 1,000 IT and operations professionals across industrial, healthcare, education, and other verticals as well as a series of in-depth interviews with industrial enterprises. Responses provide insights about the challenges firms faced while deploying to the edge to enable connected operations, and strategic recommendations to future-proof edge capabilities.

The IDC White Paper, commissioned by Schneider Electric, Succeeding at Connected Operations with Edge Computing can be downloaded for free.

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