Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon Presents the ‘2019 Employee of the Year’ Awards

2020-01-03 17:24 출처: Hyosung (코스피 004800)

Senior Vice President of Hyosung TNS Kweon Sang-hwan (right) poses with Hyosung Group Chairman Cho Hyun-joon (left) in the 2019 Employee of the Year Awards ceremony

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2020년 01월 03일 -- Hyosung (KRX:004800) Chairman Cho Hyun-joon presented ‘2019 Employee of the Year’ Award to Hyosung TNS Senior Vice President Kweon Sang-hwan.

Kweon was presented with a plaque and prize money of 50 million won in the 2019 Employee of the Year Awards ceremony at the group’s Mapo, Seoul headquarters on Dec. 30.

Kweon got the credit for leading Hyosung TNS to an unwavering No.1 market share in the U.S. He noticed the strategies of major U.S. banks to automate teller machines, and responded to customer voices quickly in the entire process from product planning to design to manufacturing and marketing, consequently raising the U.S. market share of Hyosung TNS up to 60 percent.

“It was a great performance that he attained by listening to customers and trying to solve problems from their standpoint,” Chairman Cho Hyun-joon said to the award winners, “I ask you to keep listening to the VOC (Voice of the customer) and to make your companies grow with customers.”

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